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Birthday Forecast
You July 28, 2014
Each year, right around the time of your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact position it was in at the moment of your birth. This is considered to be your own personal New Year, and it's known as the Solar Return. Astrologers have found that if you study the positioning of all the planets at that moment -- their relationships to each other and their placements in the signs -- you can gain insight into the upcoming year, until the Sun returns again.

As you may have noticed, most people tend to feel pretty good on their birthdays, and that's because of the positioning of the Sun. It's a time of gifts, celebrations, milestones and reuniting with old (and new) friends and family. It's a time to rejoice in all that's happened in the past and to prepare for what's to come. And the Solar Return reading (also known as a Solar Resolution) can help you prepare by providing explanations and advice about the influences of the year to come. More than a typical astrology forecast, the Solar Return is all about you and your place in this world. It offers a revealing look into the progression of your life and how you can make the most of the events to come -- it's a great way to celebrate your future!

Solar Return Year : 2014

Recognition and Rewards: The Sun

Sun conjunct Mercury: Think Fast

Sun conjunct Mercury

Your mind and mouth will be moving a mile a minute for an entire year -- and you'll be able to use that to get the job or the romance.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: It's A Wonderful World

Sun conjunct Jupiter

Your generosity and optimism will make it seem as though everything is going your way. What's better? It really is all going your way.

Sun trine Uranus: Let The Radical Ideas Flow

Sun trine Uranus

You'll have a knack for making anything more interesting. Feel free to share your random thoughts with those around you for feedback.

Sun square Mars: Watch For Aggression

Sun square Mars

You're burning the candle at both ends. You've got tons of energy and no patience, and even you may have trouble understanding yourself.

Sun square Saturn: A Learning Opportunity

Sun square Saturn

It's not that you're having crises, but how you're handling them. Succumb to weakness, or develop some backbone. The choice is yours.

Sun quincunx Pluto: Reconstructing Your Ego

Sun quincunx Pluto

You've got an image to dissolve. And now you need to bring the deep, hidden, real you to the surface, regardless of how hard that may be.

Sun quincunx Neptune: Turn Within For The Answers

Sun quincunx Neptune

You'll have a hard time focusing and you'll be tempted to find means of escape, but you'll have to discover yourself before you can move on.

Mind Expansion: Mercury

Mercury in Leo: Childlike Spirit

Mercury in Leo

Your mind will be lively and energetic and just as perceptive and enjoyable as an imaginative child. You'll easily entertain others.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter: Intellectual Pursuits

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

All you want is to provide your brain with as much intellectual stimulation as possible. This is sure to add some excitement to your life.

Mercury square Mars: Restraint Is Also A Virtue

Mercury square Mars

There's so much restless aggression waiting to be released. But if you let it out, you run the risk of hurting those you care most about.

Love and Romance: Venus

Venus in Cancer: Trembling With Emotion

Venus in Cancer

Emotions will course through you like water. Love will definitely be a many splendored thing, as your sensual soul will share everything.

Venus trine Saturn: Stable, Long-lasting Love

Venus trine Saturn

You're becoming one of the those stable, grounded people everyone loves to have around. You'll attract long-lasting romantic interests.

Venus opposition Pluto: The Darker Side Of Romance

Venus opposition Pluto

There's an intensity to your emotions that's strong and seductive. Harness this properly and you'll have quite the exciting love life.

Venus square Uranus: The Challenge Of A Detached Love

Venus square Uranus

Relationships will be extremely difficult for you as you'll be torn between your own independence and sharing your life with someone.

Ambition and Desire: Mars

Mars in Scorpio: A Romantic Hot Commodity

Mars in Scorpio

Passions will run deep and your sexual energy will be well integrated with the rest of your soul. Romantically, you'll get what you want.

Mars trine Neptune: Charitable Directions

Mars trine Neptune

You could influence large groups, either by helping them escape reality through entertainment or by creating change for the needy.

Mars square Jupiter: Going Overboard

Mars square Jupiter

It will be far too easy for you to take everything to extremes. This might seem fun, but it's at the expense of your intellectual qualities.

Travel and Finding Truth: Jupiter

Jupiter in Leo: You'll Do No Wrong

Jupiter in Leo

Your confidence will be sky-high and totally unshakable. You can practically do no wrong. Just don't let that all go to your head.

Responsibilities and Restriction: Saturn

Saturn in Scorpio: Sexual Control

Saturn in Scorpio

Who's in control will be an important factor in all of your personal interactions, particularly those pertaining to sexual relationships.

Saturn sextile Pluto: Increased Inner Strength

Saturn sextile Pluto

Your inner strength will increase exponentially, and you'll be able to handle any catastrophe -- or pleasantry -- that comes your way.

This Year's Karma: North Node

North Node in Libra: Relationships For The Future
Your future will be determined by your relationships and partnerships, and as you practice relating to others, you'll grow into yourself.

Broader Influences

Neptune in Pisces: Altruistic Motives

Neptune in Pisces

Unconditional compassion and enlightenment are what you can expect to achieve as you develop a connection with everything around you.

Pluto in Capricorn: Societal Transformation

Pluto in Capricorn

It's up to you to try to take on some of society's most sticky issues. You should start small this year and focus on your family or town.

Uranus in Aries: The Energy Of Life

Uranus in Aries

The energy coursing through you has the power to bring about radical change. Your ideas will be creative, and you'll easily take action.

Neptune sextile Pluto: The Cycle Of Life

Neptune sextile Pluto

You will come face to face with the cycle of life, and you will try to understand it. Will you succeed? The effort is really more important.

Uranus square Pluto: Pressure Buildup

Uranus square Pluto

Your life's like a tea kettle that's about to start whistling. There's so much buildup that it must explode. But then you can start afresh.

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