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2015 Forecast
Gemini 2015
gemini Gemini in 2015

Your reputation as a creative force may continue to grow, thanks to imaginative Neptune's tour of your Career Sector throughout 2015. Pursuing a job in an artistic field like film, fashion or photography could prove successful. Alternately, you may decide to work in nonprofit organization, which will be a great channel for your compassionate nature. An exciting job opportunity could arrive in the days surrounding March 20th, when a Solar Eclipse will energize this sector. 2015 could also find you assuming more responsibility in a close relationship. Serious Saturn's tour of your Partnership Sector from January through mid-June, then again from mid-September through the end of December, may prompt you to become the sole breadwinner in your household. It's possible your mate will be looking for work, recovering from an illness, performing parenting duties or pursuing a dream. If you're single, you may be too busy with professional responsibilities to pursue romance. Be prepared to assume the lion's share of responsibility in your personal life. Because you are an Air Sign, you're always interested in getting intellectual stimulation. This may be especially true for the first seven months of the year. That's when expansive Jupiter will tour your Learning Sector. Be sure to take an exciting class between January and August, when you'll soak up knowledge like a sponge. After August 11th, Jupiter will move into your Domestic Sector. Moving to a bigger place is a strong possibility under this influence.

Love And Romance
Restrictive Saturn will be touring your Partnership Sector for the majority of 2015. Romantic opportunities could be few and far between. You may be so busy at work that you simply don't have the time or inclination for love. Don't let friends and relatives make you feel bad for focusing on work. There is a season for everything. Your public life could take precedence over your private one this year. If you have a partner, your relationship could experience some strain in the days surrounding April 4th. That's when a Lunar Eclipse may send shock waves through your Romance Sector. You and your partner may have to decide to make up or break up. Money could be at the root of your problems. If you decide to move forward with this relationship, it may be best to have three bank accounts: Yours, Mine and Ours. Does one of you make significantly more money than the other? It may be better to contribute the same percentage of each paycheck to your mutual expenses, instead of dividing debts down the middle. Home life could be especially rewarding during the last five months of the year. That's when jovial Jupiter will be touring your Domesticity Sector. Moving to a bigger place is a distinct possibility. Alternately, you could add a person to your household. A baby, elderly relative or roommate could add a great deal of joy to your home life. Spending more time with your nearest and dearest can keep you happy and centered.

Career And Money
2015 could be a wonderful opportunity to get ahead at work, Gemini. Idealistic Neptune continues its tour of your Career Sector. Your job could be a source of profound satisfaction for you. If you're dissatisfied with your current position, take this opportunity to transition to a more rewarding field. Working in a creative industry like film, fashion or photography is strongly favored. A charitable organization could also be a fit for you. You have tremendous compassion that can be effectively channeled into fundraising or social work. An exciting job offer could arrive on or around March 20th, when a Solar Eclipse electrifies your Career Sector. Beware of working too hard, especially between June 15th and September 17th. That's when serious Saturn will tour your Health Sector. Be mindful about taking regular breaks during this period. It's especially important to take a vacation during this demanding season. Getting a change of pace will be a poignant reminder there is more to life than work. If you don't, you could suffer from stress-related problems like digestive problems, back pains and headaches. If you're given a choice between taking a flat salary and earning a commission, it may be better to choose the latter. That's because resourceful Pluto will be touring your Shared Resources Sector. Your powers of persuasion are very strong under this influence. This will make it easy to sell merchandise, sign clients and find investors. An inheritance, dividend or legal settlement could also enhance your financial health. Put this money in an interest-bearing bank account.

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