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January 17th, 2017
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The Moon in Libra weakens convictions and creates uncertainty. Today's square between the Moon and sensible Mercury complicates even the simplest decisions. Instead of staying on the fence, consult experts. Read the latest research from respected institutions. Trust the judgment of someone who never panics. It's better to trust the head over the heart at this confusing time. This is also not a good time to buy household appliances and supplies. Wait another day to purchase an appliance or supplies. A better selection of well-priced merchandise will be available in the next few days. Take this opportunity to research which high-ticket items are the best buys. Looking ahead, attractive Venus will make a favorable sextile to magnetic Pluto on Friday. It will be a great time to go on a first date, enjoy an amorous interlude or take a romantic vacation. If it's your birthday today, the year ahead will challenge you to adopt a more balanced approach to your thinking. Instead of relying on instinct, you'll be invited to learn more about current events, social issues and work methodologies. Doing your homework will make it easier to win arguments and convert people to your point of view.

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