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July 4th, 2015
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The distant Aquarius Moon forms oppositions to both Venus and Jupiter today. Intimacy may be elusive. Collaborations can be difficult. Independent projects will fare better. Don't compromise a unique idea to appease stuffy authority figures. Staying true to this concept will attract a visionary investor. Exercise patience and self-control with critics. Travel expenses can be more than expected. It may be necessary to dip into savings to cover bills. Instead of looking for more ways to spend money, start exploring moneymaking opportunities. Teaching or tutoring can be lucrative. Maintain a professional relationship with students or trouble can occur. Looking ahead, the impressionable Pisces Moon will form a square to persuasive Mercury. Beware of falling for sob stories. A trine between the Moon and serious Saturn favors long-term financial planning. If you're celebrating your birthday today, you should practice putting your own needs ahead of everyone else's. By satisfying your own desires, you'll become better able to nurture the ones you love.

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