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October 2nd, 2014
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The ambitious Capricorn Moon will form a sextile to career-oriented Saturn today. This would be a great time to pursue a promotion or prestigious job. We shouldn't underestimate our growth potential. Opportunities to get additional job training should also be pursued. With a little effort, we can land better jobs and more secure employment. Older individuals can be very instructive at this time. Don't be so quick to discount career advice from someone who had an impressive track record. It may have been years since they were in the workforce, but their suggestions still apply to today's job market. Looking ahead, the intuitive Pisces Moon will make supportive angles to Mercury, Neptune and Pluto. We shouldn't feel compelled to obey conventional wisdom. Operating on instinct is strongly advised. If you're celebrating your birthday today, the year ahead may offer chances to get ahead in your professional life. Don't be afraid to get advanced training or pursue a challenging career path. Success can be yours.

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