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October 30th, 2014
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The Sun continues its journey through determined Scorpio, while the Moon moves from ambitious Capricorn to Aquarius today. Pursuing career goals could pay off handsomely. It will be time to dream big. We would be wise to apply for jobs that pay well and captivate our interests. Instead of accepting second best, we need to reach for the brass ring. If the kind of work we want is beyond reach, this would be a good time to get some advanced training. Getting a degree or license can put us in line for jobs that are both steady and lucrative. Looking ahead, the compassionate Pisces Moon will make supportive angles to both Venus and Pluto. We could make great strides in close relationships. It will be a good time to let down our defenses. If you're celebrating your birthday today, the coming year will increase your determination to get ahead. Establishing a routine to become more productive is strongly advised. Study the habits of successful people and model your behavior accordingly.

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