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February 25th, 2017
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When it comes to making plans, look inward for guidance. Thoughtful Mercury's tour through psychic Pisces favors operating on instinct. If a choice seems reasonable but doesn't feel right, obey the inclination to go in another direction. Guidance is coming through metaphysical channels; don't question it. Dealing with a big bureaucracy is favored. It will be easier than usual to get a straight answer out of officials. This is also a good opportunity to submit paperwork or make payments. Make sure to get the necessary contact information from the people in question. Double-check that documents and money have reached the intended recipient. Looking ahead, the competitive Aries Moon will make a conjunction with romantic Venus on Tuesday. Trying to win someone's heart will be tougher than expected. Go above and beyond the call of duty to catch the attention of a love interest. Committed relationships will require a lot more effort, too. Plan outings, go on vacations and give gifts. If it's your birthday today, it will take effort to reach goals. The year ahead will not reward you for resting on your laurels. Sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge and take calculated risks. Remaining in your comfort zone will result in missed opportunities. Reach for the stars instead of settling for low-hanging fruit.

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