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Sun Sign
What are friends for? Quite a lot, if you're an Aries in 2018. There's a strong emphasis on your friendship zone throughout this year, and most particularly in the second half of 2018. Expect to find your social life becoming increasingly important, with friends rallying round to support you through your lower points and to cheer on your successes too. There's an adventurous vibe to your year too. As Uranus turns direct in Aries in January, you start to feel back on safer ground after a tumultuous 2017. You being you, however, safer ground gets boring after a while, so the search for new challenges begins. March should be the perfect month for taking on more than you ever previously dared, when Mars, your ruling planet, teams up with ahead-of-its-time Uranus to push the boundaries, inspiring you to dream big. Don't go crazy, though. Your urge to show off makes you your own worst enemy in July, when the Sun opposes Mars and highlights risks which could prove unwise or even dangerous. Overall, this is a year for growing on a personal level, and for seeking out fresh, new and exciting projects. A word of caution: watch your temper in May, August and September, when your ruler Mars squares up to Uranus, promising fireworks and drama which you may not always be able to control.
Love and Romance
If you're single and looking for love, March brings about opportunities to meet someone very interesting. The second Full Moon that month falls in your love zone, so any new attraction may develop very quickly, taking your breath away for all the right reasons! If you're already in a stable relationship, compromise is likely to be important. This is not a year for getting your own way - at least, not all the time. During the Venus retrograde period in October, it's especially important to listen to your sweetheart, and to actively seek win-win solutions which work for you both. However fresh or established your relationship, expect your mutual spiritual understanding to deepen considerably in December, when Mars your ruler teams up with gentle, romantic Neptune. A sense of having met before will underpin any new relationships formed at this time; if you've been together for some while, you may find yourself suddenly realizing that your destiny has been linked through previous lifetimes as well as this one. For those who are feeling unlucky in love, or going through a rough period in a relationship, friends are important in saving your sanity. With so much activity in your friendship zone, be sure to make time for your own friendships, even when you and your sweetheart are loved up and intent on spending time together. Maintaining your own identity and your own social links will help you to feel strong - and loved - no matter what the future holds.
Career and Money
Feeling lucky? You should be! A fortunate break comes your way in January, as Mars and Jupiter combine to bring about financial or business success. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities at this time, and don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. Importantly, however, keep a grip on your spending. Other parts of the year may be more troublesome than this early period, and you'll need to hold something in reserve, financially. One such trickier period is April and May. In April, serious, sober Saturn and disruptive Pluto both turn retrograde in your career zone. For a time, it may feel as though your luck has run out, and there could be obstacle after obstacle in your path. Hang on in there. This isn't your fault, and there's nothing you could or should have done differently to avoid it. You are simply being tested and stretched. As Uranus moves into your money zone in May, the surprises continue, and unexpected bills are highly likely. Fortunately, August sees Uranus turn retrograde for the rest of the year, giving you some breathing space to get back on track. Northern Hemisphere Summer vibes should also help sort out work-life balance issues, so that you can get more quality time with your family while still earning well and moving forwards in life. A Sun-Uranus opposition in October highlights how you use - or waste - your scarce resources. Figure out a budget, cut back on excess and take a more sensible approach to work and money. This new attitude will serve you very well indeed.

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