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2017 Forecast
Sun Sign
The prospect of working with a partner may be attractive in 2017, when expansive Jupiter tours your Relationship Sector until October 9th. Relinquish your independent ways. If you're single, this is a terrific time to find your soul mate. It will be difficult to resist the charms of a witty sophisticate with great fashion sense. Are you already in a relationship? Your partner could get a fantastic raise or high-powered job, increasing your standard of living. Lucky Jupiter moves into sultry Scorpio on October 10th, enhancing your sensual side. The passion you feel for your partner could go through the roof. Your financial situation will also improve from this transit, thanks to an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance payout. Serious Saturn could inspire you to get an advanced degree when it tours your Knowledge Sector until mid-December. After December 18th, you'll be motivated to reach a career goal, when Saturn moves into your Professional Sector. Original Uranus continues its tour of your Personal Sector throughout 2017, giving you an extra dose of distinctive style. Keep marching to the beat of your own drummer. Distinguishing yourself from the crowd will attract incredible opportunities to showcase your talent and carve a special niche for yourself. Idealistic Neptune is still journeying through your Compassion Sector. When you feel tired and dispirited, get involved in a spiritual or humanitarian effort. Your spirits will lift when you help those who are less fortunate. Transformative Pluto keeps moving through your Career Sector, helping you to unearth and refine your considerable leadership skill.
Love and Romance
Unique Uranus continues to help you radiate charisma throughout 2017. When you want to win someone's heart, you will do it by showcasing your individualism. Your courage, enthusiasm and energy could attract the attention of someone special on August 21st, when a Solar Eclipse electrifies your Romance Sector. If you're already dating someone, there's a good chance you'll move to make a serious commitment between January 1st and October 9th. That's when lucky Jupiter travels through your Relationship Sector. Don't be surprised when you willingly relinquish your freedom to spend all your time with somebody who is creative, charming and diplomatic. Do you already have a partner? Give your significant other as much support and encouragement as possible. Normally, you take the lead in this relationship. By deferring to your other half, they'll rise to heights that delight and surprise you. Their achievements will indirectly benefit you. Don't be surprised when your standard of living skyrockets as a result of your significant other's increased income. Once October 10th arrives, get ready for fireworks to explode in your private life. That's when expansive Jupiter will move into your Intimacy Sector. You've always been ardent in your affections. After this fateful date, you'll become even more fervent toward your partner. Instead of going straight to the action, get into the habit of wining and dining your partner as a preamble to romance. Let your powers of persuasion pave the way to passion. It will be very difficult to resist your charm, especially during the last three months of the year.
Career and Money
Expenses may rise between March 9th and April 20th, when dynamic Mars, your ruling planet, tours your Earned Income Sector. You may have to spend money to make it during this busy period. If you want a raise, ask for one in June, when your chances for earning more money are strong. Your pioneering spirit has greatly contributed to your employer's success. If they aren't willing or able to meet your demands, you could find a terrific new job between September 5th and October 21st, when invigorating Mars will tour your Work Sector. Make sure to stress your quest for excellence during interviews; your high standards will increase your chances of your application being accepted. Your career prospects will be greatly improved by furthering your education. Ambitious Saturn, the planet of achievement, will be touring your Knowledge Sector between January 1st and December 18th, stimulating your natural desire to gain expert status. Saturn will move into your Career Sector during the second half of December, helping you achieve a lofty professional goal. Transformative Pluto continues its tour of your Career Sector throughout 2017. Your drive and determination to succeed is getting stronger and stronger. Doing research, implementing improvements and updating systems could result in an impressive raise, promotion or both. If you've grown bored with your current industry, you have a chance to move into a more stimulating one. Opportunities involving the government, manufacturing and construction are worth exploring. Leaving a lasting legacy is within your grasp this year. Go for it, Aries!

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